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Glass Spoon Pipes: The Basics

Thursday, 03 December 2015

Glass pipes come in many shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of designs and patterns and styles and all of them have their purposes and appeals and it all depends on the individual who wants to smoke from it which one they pick. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a rather simple type of pipe that has earned a place in just about every head shop and even a good many corner stores around North America, the glass spoon pipe. In this post, we’ll tell you about some of the basics as it pertains to glass spoon pipes so you can make more educated choices when it comes to pipes.

Why The Name Glass Spoon pipe?

The answer to that lies in the shape of the pipe. It’s shaped like a spoon. This might not seem like an important distinction, but there are many pipes out there that look absolutely nothing like spoons. Some are far more complicated, and the various additions keep it from looking anything like a spoon. Even most of your standard metal pipes look very different from a spoon, but glass spoons are so simple that  they resemble a normal spoon a great deal. You might even be able to actually use it as a spoon if you tried!

What Makes a Glass Spoon Pipe What It Is?

Simplicity is the king when you’re making a glass spoon. There are spoons with a bit of complexity to them, but for the most part they’re a simple design. The whole pipe is made from one solid piece of glass and the bowl is just a deep crevasse in the end of the tube that’s also rounded. There is also usually a little hole in the bowl that leads to the tube which means you won’t be needing a screen and instead you can just enjoy your pipe without worry!

Sometimes you’ll find a glass spoon pipe with a carb hole to give you a way to incorporate some air into the smoke. You might also find a pipe with various designs on it, like a twist in the tube. or a little glass design on the outside, but it doesn’t need it and having it doesn’t change what kind of pipe it is.

Smoking from a glass spoon pipe is a simple pleasure for people looking for a smoking experience without the fuss or hassle that comes with percolators, diffusers or crazy shapes and sizes. It’s the kind of pipe that will be easy to take on a trip with you and enjoy a session just about anywhere you go before slipping it back in your pocket and being on your way. If that sounds like you, you’d be served well by a glass spoon pipe of your own!

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