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Novelty Smoking Pipes

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Because smoking and pipe making has been around for so long, those who make pipes have had to find creative ways to keep from getting bored. In some cases, the maters innovate the concept and make something completely new. In other instances, they just have fun with the idea as it is and make pieces that inspire thought, get a laugh, or just confuse people. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the more interesting novelty smoking pipes out there to see just how creative pipe makers can get with their materials of choice!

Kneeling Woman Ceramic Pipe-

Why start out slow? Let’s just come out of the gate kicking and screaming obscenities, okay? Cool. This pipe is a naked woman kneeling down. You load your herb in a bowl the woman is holding and take draws from her butt hole. Yes, you read that right. The level of detail put into this pipe is embarrassing and shocking, but we will give them props for going all out when executing the idea. If this is your sort of pipe, then good on you, you’ve found a very niche item that few wouldn’t be caught dead making or using.

American Little Train Acrylic Pipe

This novelty smoking pipe is much more innocent, thank little 6 pound, 8 ounce baby Jesus in his manger in heaven. This pipe is designed to look like a train but functions completely like a pipe. It’s a great piece to have if you’re the type of enthusiast who has a full (and wildly expensive) train simulator setup and want a piece that compliments your passion for the railroad running machines. The acrylic is colored to give the piece a bit of an interesting look and really push the train look. It’s a nice little piece that many people probably wouldn’t mind owning, but not everyone would go out of their way to buy.


This pipe is a special looking piece that looks like it marched right out of a sci-vi movie about monsters from another dimension. The color work on the piece is really impressive and make this thing look like it’s covered int he skin of a monster form another world. It looks quite functional and the glass work looks fantastic, but we can’t help but feel a little creeped out by it.


This pipe is made by the same person who made the VO-2, and is just about the same level of creepy. The difference is this one doesn’t have the same creepy “skin from another dimension” look, but it does have a very creepy drill nose that made us feel like he was going to burrow into our dreams and steal our souls. Still looks really well executed piece of glass so props to the maker!