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The Pax 2 – Better Than the First?

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ploom became a pretty big name in the vaporizer industry once they released the Pax. Everyone was asking about it and every enthusiast wanted one. There was a lot of hype around the innovative design and sleek profile. Was the unit worth the hype? That’s up for debate, but we’d say it wasn’t so much. That being said, any manufacturer worth their weight takes the time to evaluate their products and improve upon them. Ploom seems to be looking to prove their worth, and in their quest to live up to their own hype have improved the Pax and realised the Pax 2. Does it bring enough to the table to really say it’s a step up from its predecessor? That’s what this post will take a look at using the info available about the improvements made to the unit.

Build Quality

They haven’t done much to the Pax 2 as far as build quality is concerned. They have changed the mouth piece from a click-in-click-out piece to more of a button. This means there won’t be a problem where your mouthpiece gets stuck in the in position, preventing you from turning it on which is a great new idea for the unit. They’ve also used only medical grade materials in the vapor pathway. Otherwise, it seems all the materials are the same.

Vapor Quality

They’ve done a few things that could alter the vapor quality you get from the Pax 2. The first I they’ve increased the oven size by 20%. They say this will allow users to get more consistent heating in the chamber for a more consistent experience overall. They’ve also included 4 temperature settings instead of 3, which means you’ll be more likely to find a temperature setting that works well for you. They’ve also included a sensor that can tell if your mouth is on the unit and if you’re taking draws from it. This means you should get more consistent vapor from the unit.

Look and Feel

There are a few minor changes and a few major changes to the Pax 2 when it comes to this category. For the minor section, they’ve changed the mouthpiece so that it doesn’t pop in and out like it used to, which makes it look boxier, but does make for a nicer profile. They’ve also changed how the unit charges and now all you need to do is lay the unit down on its side on the charging dock. This makes the unit feel like it’s far more high tech than before. As for the major changes, the unit is now also 25% smaller than it was before, which means makes the profile even more sleek than it was before.

Ease of Use

A lot of the unit’s use has been streamlined to make for a better experience according to the info they provided. For starters, the sensor that picks up if your mouth is on the unit should do a good job of making every draw better and more consistent. The deeper oven is also supposed to help keep the experience more consistent by providing more even and consistent heat to your herb.


Like we mentioned before, the Pax 2 will be 25% smaller, which will no doubt make this unit more portable. They’ve also improved the battery by 30%, which should let you vaporize for much longer while you’re on the go. These are both great ways to improve on the portability of a unit regardless of the model but this really takes the portability of the Pax up a notch.


This is one area where we aren’t sure what’s in store. The heating chamber has been tinkered with, but they haven’t said anything about changed being made to the heating chamber cover so the odor leakage might still be a problem with this unit. It is smaller, which could help with the discretion, but not if it’s calls attention to itself with smell.

And that’s what we have to look forward to. There is a lot of promise in this unit, but who knows if we’ll see all this progress really make a noticeable difference in the unit’s performance. Stay tuned to for our review of the unit to find that out.

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