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Fruit Bongs And Pipes

Tuesday, 08 December 2015

There’s no telling why you’ll find it necessary to make fruit bongs and pipes. Maybe you’re hanging out with some enthusiast friends and realize you have nothing to smoke from. Maybe you’ve got a lot of fruits around and want to get creative with them instead of relying on your favorite smoking piece. No matter what the reason, more smokers than could probably be counted decide at some point that they want to try and make some fruit bongs and pipes, and who could blame them? It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s rewarding to smoke from something you’ve made from your own hands…then possibly eat it too. We here at are no strangers to the idea, so to help all your smokers out there wanting to make fruit bongs and pipes, but stuck trying to figure out what to use, we’ve created this post to give you some ideas to help you make your next session all the sweeter!


Pineapples are delicious, cool looking, and quickly becoming a symbol for members of the community ever since Pineapple Express came along and popularized the fruit’s link to the culture. Luckily, they aren’t hard to turn into bongs either! Simply cut off the top pretty close to the tip, scoop out the contents of the fruit, make a hole that leads into the body of the pineapple, then place your bowl in there and get to smoking! It’s just that easy! The best part is after you’re done you have a whole bunch of pineapple to snack on.


This one can be a bit more of a challenge, mostly because they’re massive, but it isn’t impossible. You’ll need a drill to make the tunnels that will act as your smoke pathway,  and you’ll need a long enough drill bit to make a tunnel big enough for both the start and end of the tunnels to connect. Then, place your bowl in one end and light it up! Once you’re done, you also have a whole watermelon to enjoy! Still a win no matter how you slice it!


The apple is one of the EASIEST fruits to make a pipe out of simply because of it’s size. People have been doing it for a long time since all you really need are a corer and an apple. Use the corer to make yourself a hole at the top to the middle of the apple, then make another hole in the side with the corer that connects to the hole int he middle. some people don’t  even use a bowl and just smoke from the apple and enjoy it like that. Regardless, this one is a class and worth a try at least once.

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