• New Jersey: Medical Marijuana Now Allowed In School For Special Needs Children

    The family of Genny Barbour may have found relief for their daughter in Gov. Chris Christie’s pen.Christie signed into law legislation that requires schools and facilities providing services to persons with developmental disabilitiesto adopt policies that allow qualifying patient... read more

    Wednesday, 11 November 2015
  • High Quality Scientific Glass Water Pipes

    What is Scientific Glass?Quite simply, the scientific glass for sale is a term used to describe anyborosilicate piece that uses water and has multiple holes in the percolator. It's name reminds users of laboratory equipment because of it's clear or semi colored glass. High Quali... read more

    Wednesday, 11 November 2015
  • Pueblo County Pays For College Scholarships With New Marijuana Tax

    Canada’s new Prime Minister has promised to legalize it; Mexico’s Supreme Court has just ruled their citizens have a constitutional right to smoke it; and starting in 2017, those college-bound from Pueblo County will be able to get their college degrees partially funded by it. – ... read more

    Tuesday, 10 November 2015
  • Tips for using Your Hookah

    One of the most unique and enjoyable experiences you can have is witha hookah. A hookah can be used for both tobacco and cannabis consumption; however, many novice users are a little intimidated by thisdevice. They see all the tubes, and it seems too complicated for them to use. ... read more

    Monday, 09 November 2015
  • How to clean a glass pipe?

    Knowing how to clean a glass pipe properly will ensure its useful life is as long as possible. Over time, glass pipes used for smoking dried herbs will develop residue buildup and need to be cleaned in orderto function properly. The buildup can give the herb a bitter or undesirab... read more

    Monday, 09 November 2015
  • Five Great Reasons to Use Custom Glass Pipes

    Custom Glass pipes enjoy widespread popularity among smokers compared to pipes made of other materials such as wood, metal, ceramic etc. One’s preference for pipes depends on his lifestyle and smoking requirements. Smokers all over the world prefer cheap custom glass pipes mainl... read more

    Friday, 06 November 2015
  • Overview of Glass bubblers

    Smoking tobacco is gaining popularity in the west, leading to an ever increasing demand for smoking accessories among people in western countries. Among a huge variety of functional smoking pipes, glass bubblers produce consistent demand from smokers, for good reasons.The stru... read more

    Friday, 06 November 2015
  • Tips for Using One Hitters

    When putting ganja into a one hitter don't break it up. Instead take small chunks of your bud. These small 'balls' of ganja are packed directly into your one hitter. This will prevent ash from slipping through the pipe and into your mouth.When lighting a glass one hitter don't 't... read more

    Thursday, 05 November 2015
  • Pros And Cons Of Dab Rigs

    If you’re into dabbing, a decent rig is an absolute must. A few of the top advantages of using a dab rig include:Convenience – You’ll have everything you need to enjoy your favorite concentrate.Safety – Unlike homemade rigs, a well-designed rig will keep you safe while you are da... read more

    Thursday, 05 November 2015
  • The 12 Best Bubblers for Sale of 2015

    10. Heavy Glass Hammerhead Bubbler with Double Filtration System – 5 Inches – $64.99One of the first things we noticed about this bubbler was that the base had a whole lot of color to it, and the clear glass is a perfect accent. The colored part of this Oil 8 Percolating Bubbler ... read more

    Thursday, 05 November 2015